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Use one cable for both iOS and Android devices.


Orofei Cable. 1m.

Lightning and Micro-USB in one cable provide you a 100% compatibility with the major of iOS and Android devices.


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  • Solid leather cover.

    Cable cover is made of leather which provides long term usage, convenience and elegancy.

  • Comfortable snap-band.

    Functional leather snap makes usage and storing of the cable really comfortable.

  • Fast charging and data transfer.

    Quickly charge and sync your iPhone, iPad, or Android device.


USB Flash Drive - Your very own key fob for iPhone and iPad.

Drum roll please! Now you can share your files as easy as 1...2...3. Watch your favorite movies, share your important documents, listen to music and enjoy life on the go! With just a few simple clicks, you can upload your photos, videos to your computer or create a backup in a jiffy! With a super-small size, it's extremely easy to carry and you can have the chance to place all your important info on a small key fob! Enjoy the convenience - it's just for you!


Magic Drive

It is magical, indeed! A perfect USB flash drive - key fob for your stunning iPhone!



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